What Cloud Computing Trends can we expect in 2021?

February 3, 2021

The impact of Covid-19 has resonated across the globe and the business world has been impacted immensely. However, it has also shown the importance of cloud computing and how that can change the way in which we work. With this in mind, how will 2021 shape up when it comes to cloud computing trends?

Services Held On-Premises Will Move to the Cloud

Covid-19 has forced businesses to speed up the rate at which they move their services that are held on-site to the cloud. As businesses were forced to close their doors, it meant that accessing vital equipment became a problem and even failed equipment posed a risk.

Therefore, opting for cloud solutions ensured that businesses had a flexible solution that was safer. Now, with more staff working from home, it’s likely that office space is going to reduce which means that businesses will have more money to take advantage of cloud solutions.

Working From Home

As staff have adapted to working from home and businesses have seen the benefits of doing so, it’s likely that IT services that are located in certain geographical areas will move to the cloud. This will enable staff to access systems from anywhere.

From networks to applications as well as customer service and managing staff, it’s all likely to move online and that means that businesses will ditch physical hardware and will implement a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. They will also benefit from using solutions such as Unified Communications-as-a-Service or Contact Centre-as-a-Service.

Users will have the scope to access data, share data and collaborate on a level that replicates the arrangement they had when they were office based.

Potential Security Risks

Every development made in the IT industry comes with security risks and this is very much the case when it comes to services based in a virtual setting. Where hardware is positioned in a physical location, it is easier to implement a firewall to protect it but when it is moved to the cloud, security professionals have to start with the end point, which involves implementing security solutions in the opposite way.

Furthermore, another consideration is that they will have to think about security from a residential perspective with users working from home and that alone poses a completely different range of problems when compared to a commercial setting.

So, ensuring those who are working from home are secure is likely to follow two options and this will depend on the size of the business. For those businesses with a larger budget, they can use a zero-trust security model and those that cannot afford it will have to opt for DNS security. Along with this, the trend will also be met with enhanced employee training to ensure they can identify potential phishing attacks.

Still, with Covid-19 hanging over us, it’s likely that 2021 is going to push businesses to explore new opportunities when it comes to cloud solutions, ensuring they have the scope to operate and deliver the same level of service as they did prior to the pandemic.

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