The Top 10 Questions You Should be Asking When Choosing a Cyber Security Course

April 6, 2022

At the Nuyew Tech Academy, we understand that deciding to train for a New Career in Cyber Security or indeed any area of Tech is a big step. We have therefore put together the 10 Most Important Questions you should be asking when choosing a Cyber Security or Tech Course based on our many years of Tech Industry Experience.

1. Are the Qualifications Industry Recognised?

With a wide range of Qualifications available, choosing the right Qualifications can be a minefield. It is therefore important that you fully research any Qualifications on offer before enrolling on a course to ensure that they are Industry Recognised.

As an Official Delivery Partner of CompTIA, the world’s leading authority on entry level Cyber Security Qualifications, all Nuyew Tech Academy qualifications are recognised by employers worldwide.

2. How is the Training Delivered?

From Full-Time to 100% Online and everything in between, it is important to understand how the training will be delivered and what will be expected of you as a student in terms of study hours, deadlines etc.

It is also important to understand the exact format of the training (for example is it video, PowerPoint slides, eBooks etc), to ensure it meets your unique learning style

At the Nuyew Tech Academy, we recognise our students all have individual learning styles and preferences. We therefore offer 100% Online Training with Flexible 24/7 Access and Support and a wide range of learning tools including e-learning, video, quizzes, practice tests and Live Labs so you can get real-life hands-on practice.

3. Who Actually Delivers the Training?

Some courses are delivered by 3rd party training organisations whilst other course providers develop their own courses. It is important to understand who will be delivering the training and the quality of it. A good way to better understand this is to request a Free Trial of a section of the training.

At the Nuyew Tech Academy, we use the Official CompTIA Certmaster Learn, Live Labs and Practice Modules so you can be sure you are learning the very latest information on the Official CompTIA Platform.

4. Are Exams Included?

Some course providers include the Official Exams and some don’t. It’s therefore very important you fully understand what is included in the course price and what isn’t so you aren’t hit with any surprise costs to complete your exams!

As an example, the CompTIA Security+ Exam currently costs £226 to sit and, with courses often containing multiple exams, costs can rise significantly if you have to pay for them yourself.

Some course providers also provide a ‘Certificate of Completion’ rather than a formal certificate. We would always recommend completing a Formal Recognised Exam for each module as it is this Certificate that employers will ultimately look for as an endorsement of your skills.

At the Nuyew Tech Academy, we include all Formal Recognised Exams as part of our Tuition Fee.

5. Are Re-Sits Included?

Again, following on from 4 above, it is important to understand who is liable for any additional costs in the event you need to re-sit an exam.

At the Nuyew Tech Academy, we include unlimited re-sits as part of our Tuition Fee.

6. How Long do I have Access to the Course for?

Another very important question. Consider the number of courses you are attempting to take and the typical learning hours required to complete them. Then factor in real life and the challenges that can be thrown at you from time to time.

Ask what happens if you don’t complete within the required timescales, do you have to pay additional costs or lose certain guarantees that are made against completing the course within a certain timescale, for example job or money back guarantees.

At the Nuyew Tech Academy, based on 10 hours study per week, we expect the majority of students to complete within 9 to 12 Months. However, we allow up to 5 Years Course Access in total to cover all circumstances.

7. Will you Receive Career or Employment Support?

This is ultimately why you are choosing to complete a Cyber Security Course so it is vital you understand how and when you will be supported with your employment search.

As a minimum, you should expect Training and Coaching around your Employability Skills and assistance with your CV, LinkedIn Profile and Job Applications. Ask if you will have a Personal Career Coach you can speak to if required and also check how long any Career or Employment Support is provided for.

At the Nuyew Tech Academy, we provide Training and Coaching in all areas of Employability and offer hands-on support through our Expert Career Coaches for up to 5 Years after Graduation.

8. How Much is the Course?

With a wide range of courses and prices available, it is very important to clearly understand the various course offerings and what exactly they do and don’t include. Check you are comparing Apples with Apples!

For example, consider what learning materials are included, how long do you have access to the course for, how many qualifications do you receive and does it include recognised exam and re-sit fees. Beware any hidden costs that may surprise you later down the road!

At the Nuyew Tech Academy, we include all CompTIA Official Learning, Live Labs, Practice Tests and Exams and Re-sits for a 5 Year Period.

9. Are there any Funding Options Available?

Most course providers will provide a way of spreading the course cost to make it more affordable for you. These options can range from splitting the course fee into instalments to Interest Bearing Credit Agreements. Make sure you fully understand the options available to you and that ultimately they are affordable and manageable for you. Be clear to understand any Interest Charges or Early Settlement Fees before entering any Credit or Loan Agreement.

At the Nuyew Tech Academy, we offer Scholarship Awards of up to 50% and Interest Free Payment Options from 12 to 48 Months with no fees EVER.

10. Has the Course Provider got a Good Reputation?

So, you think you’ve made you’re mind up and chosen a Cyber Security Course to start your new Tech Career, before you take that final leap just take a bit of time to check the course providers Online Reviews and Reputation.

We would also recommend asking to speak to Previous Students who have successfully completed the course and obtained the specific outcomes promised at the outset e.g., getting employed in Cyber Security.

At the Nuyew Tech Academy, we are rated Excellent by our students on Trustpilot and have a wide range of Current Students and Graduates you can speak to for advice and guidance.

The Nuyew Tech Academy can help you launch a new and exciting career in IT and Technology through our Fully Accredited Training and Career Support Packages.

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