Student Case Study - Habeeb Fidimaye

August 4, 2023

I moved to the United Kingdom with my wife and kids in September 2022 from Nigeria. Back home I was working as an IT Support Technician and thought I wouldn't have a problem finding a job when I got here given my experience. Even though I had plans on taking some professional courses I didn't have plans on it being immediate, however it was difficult getting a job contrary to my belief mostly because I didn't have UK experience. 

I decided to take some professional courses and I was a bit confused about what courses to focus on, I started doing my research online when I came across Nuyew Tech Academy. As soon as I visited their website and read more about them and the support they offer, I knew I was already at the right place and that was the start of my journey. I had someone call me to discuss my courses of interest and flexibility in paying for the studies and all other benefits. 

I eventually settled for cloud computing and I was told I needed to study from fundamentals up till my desired course. That made sense to me and I studied and wrote my CompTIA A+ exams which I passed and after that, Nuyew helped me revamp my CV and the responses I started getting from employers were different. I was able to complete a few interviews before I finally landed a job as an IT Engineer at Barclays Bank. This gave me so much joy and motivation to want to keep up with my studies and presently while working and learning on the job, I am also studying for the Network+ certification the rest of my certifications. 

One of the few things that make Nuyew standout is the support they offer right from the start of your career journey and the prompt responses they give whenever you have a question or enquiry. They let you study at your own pace, all learning materials are industry standard and exams and re-sits are included as well. I feel so lucky to have located Nuyew academy without having to waste money prior to meeting them. They are real value for your money.

Habeeb Fidimaye - Cloud Network Engineering Course

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