Nuyew Tech Academy Becomes an Official Partner of Hiring Hub

June 4, 2021

As part of our 5 Year Career Support Guarantee we are very proud to announce that we have become an Official Partner of Hiring Hub, an award-winning recruitment technology company based in Manchester which provides employment opportunities in the IT Sector across the UK and the World.

Hiring Hub is proud to have worked with prestigious companies such as Dyson, SSE, McDonalds, Deliveroo and numerous others to help them fill their recruitment needs.

Through our exclusive partnership, our students now have access to 1000’s of IT and Technology Company roles across the UK and the World.

How this Partnership can Help you Achieve your Career Aspirations

The Nuyew Tech Academy is unique in that we also have our own dedicated Recruitment Agency Nuyew Recruitment, whose sole purpose is to connect our students with the very best IT and Tech opportunities across the UK and the World throughout their careers.

As an Official Partner of Hiring Hub, our dedicated Recruitment Team can quickly access and apply on your behalf to available roles in your desired location at the click of a button.

Through the advanced technology of the Hiring Hub platform, we are also able to track applications in real time so we know exactly where an applicant is in the recruitment process at all times.

Our 5 Year Career Support Guarantee Explained

In order to launch a successful new career in IT, you need the right blend of Industry Recognised Qualifications, Relevant Work Experience and Expert Careers Support and Guidance. At the Nuyew Tech Academy we pride ourselves on providing all these elements in line with the latest industry trends and needs.

Our dedicated Career Support Team provide a highly personalised service to ensure that, you not only gain suitable employment in the IT Industry, but more importantly are continually supported as your new career develops.

Through our dedicated Career Support Team and Career Skills Academy we assist our students with everything from CV Preparation and Job Applications to Workplace Readiness for their next role.

The Nuyew Tech Academy can help you launch a new and exciting career in IT and Technology through our Fully Accredited Training and Career Support Packages.

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