New Online Partnership Will Safeguard The Future of Businesses

November 13, 2023

MOL – one of the UK’s leading digital learning platforms – is expanding its online offer with a range of the most in demand IT courses – delivered by NuYew Tech Academy - that promise to quickly upskill IT teams; safeguard organisations’ future and de-mystify tech for businesses.

Michael Bradshaw, MOL’s Commercial Director, explains the thinking behind the new partnership: “We live in a dynamic world where organisations have to quickly flex to accommodate new tech advances; adapt to ever-changing cyber threats and deal with a talent war as they struggle to retain their staff in a post-Covid world.” A report by Security Intelligence* warns that the number of organisations with cyber insurance problems is set to double in 2023. “Artificial Intelligence is moving at a fast-pace and organisations need to understand the benefits and risks to their businesses; how do they safeguard customer data for example, or link their business planning to tech advances, using data intelligence.

Cyber threats are ever-present, fast moving, and predicted to increase again this year. Understanding how to mitigate against these risks can be achieved by retaining and re-training existing teams. “The cost of recruiting is high in terms of resource, time, and budgets. It’s far easier to retain talent and invest in upskilling current teams in the art of web development, cyber security and ethical hacking for example, than it is to recruit.” The new MOL IT courses – delivered by NuYew - provide assurance, intelligence and upskilling in the world of cyber security, ethical hacking, data intelligence, software development, web development and cloud networking.

Jonathan Davies, Founder and CEO of NuYew Tech Academy comments on the new partnership: “"It's a privilege to join forces with MOL, celebrated for its longstanding tradition of training excellence. With the integration of NuYew's comprehensive IT courses—including cyber security, web development, and data intelligence—into MOL's top-tier learning offerings, we're laying a solid foundation for businesses to combat digital threats and harness the full potential of technology.

Our joint effort is all about turning tech challenges into engines of innovation and security." With an advanced online learning platform, industry accredited qualifications and flexible courses based around business needs, these courses provide assurance for any organisation looking for solutions to their tech challenges. For more information visit MOL’s website here .

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