How to Choose the Best Tech Career Path for You in 2021

January 1, 2021

The tech world is one that is vast and varied which means that there are a number of roles for you to consider. With this in mind, it makes sense to understand what roles are out there in order to make an informed choice. In our latest article we discuss some of the less well known but in demand tech roles.

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Mobile Developers

This role consists of creating apps for businesses on many platforms that we are familiar with such as Android or iOS. If you are someone who enjoys design and is a creative type then this is likely to be for you. What’s more, you might also have an interest in mobile devices and how they work. If you want a career as a Mobile Developer then you should look to learn Android as the majority of people use it.

Data Scientists

This is a role that involves the processing of data as a way of helping businesses find a solution to the problems they face. This can cover a wide range of areas such as e-commerce whereby a data scientist will analyse data to determine the reason behind consumer behaviours. If you have a passion for identifying patterns and love working with data then this is a role for you. It will require an understanding of why things happen while also having the ability to provide reasoning.

Project Manager

A project manager will manage projects and that means that they require a vast understanding of the product as well as the team working within the project. It requires the ability to manage them effectively while ensuring they understand what they are doing and how they are doing it. It will involve bringing every element of the project together to deliver the final product. It’s a role that requires a proactive approach and the ability to effectively organise. If you are someone who is organised and enjoys working with others then this is the role for you. Becoming a project manager will require a qualification in project management or business administration.

Front End Engineer

Front end engineers will build UI for websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. They take care of the crucial elements of websites such as accessibility, usability, security and performance. If you have an eye for detail and enjoy working with languages then this could be the role for you as you will need to enjoy exploring usability while blending that with performance.

DevOps Engineer

On the whole, this role is considered to be made up of two things, Developing and Operations. The role will consist of building software that is feature reach and helps the client or business in many ways. The operations aspect will involve ensuring that stability is key and that means bridging the gap between development and operations, something that can benefit a business immensely. This is a role that is perfect if you are someone who enjoys coding features but also wants to learn how your code can be released to a production environment. It will involve having an understanding of software engineering and release engineering.

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