Funding Options

Providing Access to Opportunities in Tech

It is extremely important to us, to be able to provide places on our courses to as many people as possible, that is why we do our best to reduce the issues caused by funding. 

In order to achieve our compelling purpose of ‘Inspiring the next generation of Tech Leaders’ we strive to offer outstanding training programmes that are accessible to all. We realise that some candidates may feel that they are unable to afford the cost of our training programmes and we simply won’t allow this to prevent outstanding, talented people joining our Tech Academy.

We offer a variety of Scholarships and Student Loans; regardless of your current financial situation, we are confident that we can find a solution to suit you.

Choosing Your Course Funding Option

At NuYew, we understand that investing in your future can be a significant financial decision. That's why we offer flexible funding options to make our tech training courses accessible to everyone. For those who prefer a straightforward approach, we provide cash payment options. However, we also believe in creating equal opportunities for talented individuals, which is why we offer scholarships in certain circumstances. Our scholarship program is designed to support motivated individuals who may face financial constraints but have the passion and potential to excel in the tech industry. 

For those who prefer a financed solution, we have partnered with reputable organisations Knoma and StepX. These partnerships allow us to offer convenient and affordable finance options to spread the cost of your course over time. At NuYew, we believe that financial limitations should never hinder your pursuit of a rewarding tech career, and our diverse funding options are here to help you achieve your goals.

Self Funded

Pay your course costs up-front

How It Works
You can pay us for your course up-front by purchasing via the career tracks page or by bank transfer when starting a course via another route
By choosing the self-funded option, you can embark on your tech career path at your own pace. This option is ideal for individuals who have the means to invest in their education and are looking to make a direct payment without the need for external financial assistance, or wish to source their own financing.

With self-funding, you have the advantage of immediate access to our comprehensive curriculum and expert-led training. By investing in yourself upfront, you can dive into the course materials right away, gaining valuable knowledge and skills that can propel your tech career forward.

Focus solely on your learning experience without any financial obligations hanging over your head. You can concentrate on acquiring new skills, participating in practical projects, and networking with industry professionals, ensuring that you get the most out of your training journey.

Pay With Knoma

Payback over a set term

How It Works
Deposit: Deposit-free or choose to pay part up-front, which is deducted from your loan amount
Interest: 0% interest - only repay what you borrow
Contract length: You can choose a repayment term of 2-10 months
"Knoma is a finance provider on a mission to enable access to lifelong education. Lifelong learning is crucial to staying ahead in our changing world. But finding the right course can be tough, and for many of us, funding it can be even tougher. We help students fund their education with ethical, compassionate finance by letting them spread the cost. This removes the unfair barrier of up-front costs and lets them access life-changing education."

We have partnered with Knoma to offer straightforward finance option to our students because they are not just any finance provider, they specialise in education and training options, and therefore are on the same page us when it comes to providing fair and accessible financing to allow as many people as possible to achieve their career goals.

Future Earnings Agreements

Future Earnings Agreement (FEA)

How It Works
Income Share: 7.00 %
Minimum Income Threshold: £22000.00
Maximum Cap: £9600.00
Upfront Fees: £250.00 (can be paid in 3 installments)
Repayment Term: 48 months
Maximum Terms: 96 months
StepEx offers a unique funding option called the Future Earnings Agreement (FEA), which provides students with the opportunity to finance their qualification in a mutually beneficial way. This innovative approach involves a co-investment between the education provider and the student, with repayment based on the future performance of the qualification and the student's success in the job market.

Unlike traditional student loans from conventional lenders, an FEA operates on a different principle. The amount you repay is directly linked to your future income, creating a more flexible and personalised repayment structure. If your income increases, you will repay a higher amount, ensuring that the repayment aligns with your improved financial capacity. Conversely, if your income is lower, your repayment amount will decrease accordingly, providing you with more financial flexibility.


Scholarships are available to students that meet our criteria, please apply or speak to one of our team for more information.

Nuyew tech academy offer scholarships which can cover up to 50% of your tuition fees. These are awarded based on a range of criteria, including academic achievement and financial need.
Scholarship Application

Tuition Fees and Funding FAQs

Yes, but we offer flexible payment options to make your investment in a successful, rewarding, and lucrative career in IT more affordable.
For the latest Tuition Fees, please see our career track pages by clicking here.
Yes, all exams are included in our tuition fees. This includes any retakes you may need, so there are no hidden costs.
Yes, we offer scholarships which can cover up to 50% of your tuition fees. These are awarded based on a range of criteria, including academic achievement and financial need. Click here for information on our Scholarship Awards and how to apply.
We offer a variety of options including interest-free instalment plans and Future Earnings Agreements to make our courses more affordable. Click here to find out more and apply for funding.

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