Courses and Qualifications

We are a tech specific training provider and we offer a variety of courses in the tech industry, including Data Analytics, Software Development, Cyber Security, Cloud Networking, and many more. All our courses are designed in collaboration with leading tech companies to ensure they are industry-relevant and up-to-date.
Our comprehensive Career Track Course can be completed in just 9 to 12 months with a commitment of 1 - 2 hours a day. Remarkably, you can start applying for jobs in as little as 2 to 3 months after completing your first Industry Recognised Qualification.
Absolutely! Our Certifications are not only recognised but highly valued across the UK and internationally. We're proud to offer certifications from leading organisations such as CompTIA, Microsoft, Pearson, Adobe, and EC Council. We are also a Certiport Approved Test Centre (CATC), which means our qualifications are recognised and respected worldwide.
Yes, we provide 24/7 support to assist you with all your learning needs. Our dedicated support team is always ready to help you navigate through your learning journey.
Yes, we believe in thorough preparation. Our courses include pre-assessments, quizzes, flashcards, and practice exams to ensure you're fully prepared for your final exams.
Virtual Labs are a unique feature of our courses. They provide a virtual test environment where you can apply your newly learnt skills on real computer equipment, ensuring you're industry-ready.
Yes, all our courses are 100% online, offering you the flexibility to study at your own pace, from the comfort of your home or any location of your choice.
Not at all. Our Career Tracks are designed to help individuals from any educational background and experience level achieve a successful career in IT. We ensure you're fully prepared before starting your Industry Recognised Courses.
We're committed to your success. If you don't pass an exam, we'll work with you to address any learning gaps and arrange a re-sit as soon as possible. Our Career Tracks include unlimited exams and re-sits at no extra cost.
Each Industry Recognised Course in a Career Track contains an exam which can be completed securely online from the comfort of your home.

We will ensure you are 100% prepared before completing your exam.
You can start anytime! Our courses are designed to offer you the flexibility to begin your learning journey at a time that suits you best. Once you've enroled, you'll have immediate access to all course materials.
Once enrolled, you will have access to the course materials for a full 5 years. This allows you to revisit the content and refresh your knowledge even after you've completed the course.

Tuition Fees and Funding

Yes, but we offer flexible payment options to make your investment in a successful, rewarding, and lucrative career in IT more affordable.
For the latest Tuition Fees, please see our career track pages by clicking here.
Yes, all exams are included in our tuition fees. This includes any retakes you may need, so there are no hidden costs.
Yes, we offer scholarships which can cover up to 50% of your tuition fees. These are awarded based on a range of criteria, including academic achievement and financial need. Click here for information on our Scholarship Awards and how to apply.
We offer a variety of options including interest-free instalment plans and student loans to make our courses more affordable. Click here to find out more and apply for funding.
At NuYew Tech Academy, we are committed to inclusivity and consider all financial backgrounds and circumstances for our student loans.

Eligibility Criteria:

Age: Must be 18 or older.
Residency: Must be a UK resident for at least 12 months.
Bank Account: Must have a UK bank account.
Financial Status: Cannot be in an IVA, Debt Management Plan, or be an undischarged bankrupt.

For more details or assistance, please contact us at funding@nuyew.com.

Career Support

Yes, we offer extensive career support. This includes personalised assistance with CV preparation, LinkedIn profile reviews, 1-to-1 career coaching calls, job search strategies, and networking opportunities. Additionally, our unmatched Employment Guarantee ensures you receive continued training and support until you secure employment, or a full tuition refund if you're not employed within three years. Join us and be part of the thriving IT industry with confidence in your career success.
With 3+ Years Experience, you can expect to earn between £37,500 to £72,500 on average. Even as a beginner, Junior/Helpdesk Roles offer starting salaries ranging from £18,000 to £25,000.
While we can't guarantee a job, we can promise that we will provide you with the skills, qualifications, and support you need to be highly employable in the tech industry. It's important to note that no reputable training company would guarantee a job. What's more important is finding the right job for you at the right stage of your career, with a company that aligns with your values and future professional development. Our dedicated Career Support Team will work with you to help you find the right job opportunities that will help you grow and succeed in your career.
Absolutely! The IT industry is well-equipped for remote and flexible working. There are numerous opportunities available that allow you to balance your work with other commitments.
Definitely. The IT industry offers fantastic opportunities for self-employed individuals and freelancers. You can certainly use the skills and qualifications you gain from our courses to work and live on your own terms.

General Questions

Nuyew Tech Academy is a leading provider of tech-focused career education. We offer a wide range of courses in areas such as Data Analytics, Software Development, and Cyber Security. Our courses are designed to equip you with the skills needed to excel in the tech industry.
Of course. If you have any questions or need further information, you can book a career consultation call with one of our experienced Career Advisors. Please click here to book your career consultation call.
Yes, we welcome students from all over the world. Our courses are delivered online, allowing you to study from anywhere. Please note that course fees and funding options may vary for non-UK students.
While we don't directly provide visa services, we can guide you to the appropriate resources and provide support documentation as needed for your visa application. It's recommended to check the latest UK visa regulations or consult with a legal advisor to understand the process and requirements.
At Nuyew Tech Academy, we believe in inclusive education. We understand that every student is unique and may require different types of support. If you have a learning difficulty, we encourage you to let us know so we can provide the necessary assistance to ensure your learning experience is as effective and enjoyable as possible. Our dedicated support team is trained to provide assistance to students with a variety of learning difficulties. We're committed to making our courses accessible to everyone.

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