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9 to 12 Months

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Learn the most in-demand digital skills in the world today with the Nuyew Tech Academy

Demand for software developers is at an all-time high worldwide. Digital transformation affects every industry and developers are required to support the change.

Global shortages of coders mean that those skilled in this area command excellent salaries and have limitless opportunities around the world.

What our Software Developer programme includes:

Industry Recognised Qualifications:

CompTIA ITF+ (IT Fundamentals)
Pearson IT Specialist Software Developer
Pearson IT Specialist HTML5 Application Development
Pearson IT Specialist HTML and CSS
Pearson IT Specialist Java
Pearson IT Specialist Python
Pearson IT Specialist AI (Artificial Intelligence)

What you can expect from our Fast Track Programmes:

  • World Class Education
  • Energetic and unlimited 24/7 Student Support
  • Real, tangible Career Outcomes
  • 5 Years Career Support

5 Years Career Support Guarantee

As part of our unique Support Guarantee, our Career Support Team will assist you with:

  • CV writing
  • Expert careers advice
  • Interview preparation
  • Identifying and applying for the best opportunities in your area

As a student in the Nuyew Tech Academy you will also be given exclusive access to our Career Skills Academy which includes advanced courses on Employability, CV Preparation, Interview Skills and Technique and everything else you need to get ready for your new Career.

Real World Skills

What will i learn on this course?

As A Student
Benefits for Businesses
Learn the basics of software development, including understanding different programming languages and development methodologies with Pearson IT Specialist Software Developer.
Understand HTML5 application development, including creating interactive websites with Pearson IT Specialist HTML5 Application Development.
Learn to design and develop interactive websites using HTML and CSS with Pearson IT Specialist HTML and CSS.
Understand the principles of Java programming and learn to develop software using Java with Pearson IT Specialist Java.
Learn Python programming, including understanding data structures, algorithms, and web development with Pearson IT Specialist Python.
Dive into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), understand core AI concepts, and learn to integrate AI in software development with Pearson IT Specialist AI.
Understand how to write clean, maintainable code.
Learn how to debug and test software effectively.
Custom Solutions: Employees trained in software development can create bespoke software solutions tailored to the company's specific needs.
Innovation: Software developers can help a company innovate, creating new services or improving existing ones.
Cost Savings: Developing software in-house can be more cost-effective than outsourcing, especially for ongoing projects.
Quality Control: In-house software developers can maintain a high level of quality control, as they're more invested in the outcome than external contractors might be.

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Our courses are flexible to fit around your life, set your own pace and take control of your learning!

Why a Career in Tech?

Follow Your Passion

Turn your passion into your career and play a significant role in the world. A career in Tech is extremely rewarding and enables you to be at the forefront of the latest technology developments that are continuing to help shape all our future lives for the better.

Flexibility and Independence

Have the freedom to travel and work anywhere is the world with these transferable skills, global demand for Tech skills is high so you won’t have a problem finding employment within this sector wherever you choose to be based. The European Commission believes there could be as many as 756,000 unfilled jobs in the European Tech sector alone by 2020.

The Tech industry is also a very flexible industry, and many roles also offer the ability to work remotely. This is incredibly attractive for people who require or desire flexibility and independence in their lives.

Excellent Pay and Conditions

The Tech Sector is easily the best paid industry sector overall and on average salaries are at least £10,000 higher than any other sector. Due to high demand for newly qualified talent, an increasing number of companies also offer many more additional benefits such as free food, free parking, free gym membership and relaxed dress codes. Tech companies also have some of the best company cultures and social environments.

Interested in the Software Developer career track?

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