7 Tips for Getting Into IT with No Previous Experience

December 16, 2020

Sometimes in life, a change is needed, particularly when it comes to work but how do you get into the IT industry with no previous experience? Follow these seven tips and with the help of the Nuyew Tech Academy you’ll be able to move into the industry with ease.

  1. Consider Your Past Experience

You don’t need to be qualified to use your past experience because some skills that you have, also known as soft skills are just as important. This could be skills such as being able to use Microsoft Office competently or having the scope to create detailed spreadsheets.

We make sure they are included on your CV because they are more important to employers than you realise.

  1. Become Industry Certified

Studying for a degree will take years but it is possible to earn Industry Recognised Certifications in a matter of months and these will go a long way to helping you get your foot in the door. Once you have them, you can then build on them and it will also show employers that you have existing skills, which can help you to make up for not having the expected experience.

The Nuyew Tech Academy can help you achieve this with our Industry Recognised Career Tracks.

  1. Consider your Other Qualifications

While you might not have a degree in IT, a degree or a qualification in another subject will stand you in good stead for a role in IT. Sure, you won’t have trained in the desired skills for certain roles but having a degree or an alternative qualification goes a long way with employers, even if it is in another subject.

See how your existing qualifications can help you in an IT role and consider it as more of an asset, even if it isn’t in IT.

  1. Be Prepared to Start from Scratch

Don’t expect to walk straight into a senior role or a role that pays a high wage just because you might have had both of those in your previous role. If you want to move into the IT industry then it is important that you are willing to work for it.

However, the potential of progressing within the IT industry is huge and that means a couple of years in one role could give you enough experience to move onto a much more senior role that pays significantly more.

  1. Make Connections

Connections can count for a lot and if you know someone who works for an IT company that is hiring then that could be your route in. Sure, there might be more people out there with better qualifications but employers also like the idea of hiring someone who can be trusted and comes as a recommendation.

Speak with people, use social media and put those connections to good use. At the Nuyew Tech Academy we teach all our students these key social media and networking skills through our Career Skills Academy.

  1. Become Knowledgeable on Industry Trends

Understanding current Industry Trends is a vital part of securing an entry level IT role and a key part of any interview process. With newsfeeds, UTube Videos and many other free resources, you can begin the process of learning about certain areas of the IT industry that interest you.

You can then put this knowledge to good use when deciding the right IT career path for you and also when meeting prospective employers.

  1. Take a Crossover Job

You might already work in a certain department for your current employer which means you have knowledge about their business. So, if an IT-related role opens up within the company you have every right to apply for it, especially if you have started studying for Industry Recognised Certifications like those offered by the Nuyew Tech Academy.

You’ll have experience of their systems and are already a recognised employee which means that they might be willing to give you a try. We often act as a referee for our students in this scenario to help them secure the IT-related role.

The Nuyew Tech Academy offers Fast Track IT Career Pathways that include Industry Recognised Certifications and 5 Years Guaranteed Career Support. Please get in touch to see how we can help you enter the IT Industry with no previous experience today.

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