10 IT Trends for 2021 and Beyond

November 25, 2020

Despite the current pandemic causing problems for the entire world, with many operations moving to the digital world it has meant that the digital world is thriving. This means that beyond 2021, the global GDP will see 65% of it made up by digital industries while spending is going to increase too. With this in mind, what are the trends we can expect to see for 2021 and beyond?

Increase in Cloud-Driven Solutions


It’s looking likely that 2021 is going to see 8 out of 10 businesses move across to cloud solutions at a faster rate than they were before the pandemic gripped the world. This is imperative as it will allow businesses to remain competitive and future-proofed.

Edge Becomes Mainstream


It is likely that by 2023 that most industries will see changed practices within the workforce and operations and that is likely to push forward edge-driven investments as well as a change in business models.

New cloud-focused and network solutions will allow businesses to respond to business needs faster and this will be driven by a need to deliver infrastructure, application and data resources to edge locations. All of this will improve future resilience allowing businesses to grow and work flexibly.

Collaborative Workforce


Most workforces by 2023 will have the technical abilities to allow their workforce to collaborate in person and from remote locations. In fact, more than 75% of workforces will have this technology in place and this will lead to a smarter more productive workforce.

Dealing With the Aftermath of Covid-19


There is no denying that the pandemic has caused a vast amount of debt to accumulate and this is likely to cause financial problems for businesses looking to become more agile and move to the cloud. This will mean that businesses will look to design the next digital platforms that provide flexibility while also providing new products, experiences and services to employees and clients.

Digital Resilience is Key


During 2022, digital resiliency is going to overcome problems and provide services that have the scope to respond to altering conditions at twice the speed than those that are focused on existing resilience levels. These businesses will be able to adapt quickly when disruptions occur while also leveraging their digital solutions to keep businesses moving.

Automation Drives IT Operations


By the time 2023 arrives, all IT businesses will be driven by automation that allows them to control resources on a greater level as well as access real-time analytics. This will require the implementation of proactive AI-powered analytics and automation that is policy-driven.

Expanding AI Opportunities


It’s likely that businesses will implement intelligence-driven products and services by 2023 and many will sell industry-specific software that has been designed in-house as well as data services using a subscription platform, using their domain expertise to create new streams of revenue.

A Review of Relationships


All relationships with providers, partners and suppliers will be reviewed by 2024 as this will allow enhanced execution of digital strategies, allowing them to deploy resources and IT operations that are automated.

Sustainability Becomes a Real Thing


With the drive for sustainability becoming a focus for many businesses, by 2025, around 90% of companies will use sustainable materials through all IT hardware supply chains while also ensuring they meet their carbon neutral targets.

The Importance of People


In 2023, it is expected that businesses are likely to face delays with automation and creating a hybrid workforce. In order to overcome this shortage of developer specialists and data analysts, businesses will look to benefit from flexible individuals as well as internal employees to help meet their needs to speed up the process of innovation.

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